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US Special Operations Forces open anti-drone laboratory

U.S. Special Operations Forces opened anti-drone laboratory

Combat drones are evolving at a very fast pace, and most of the world’s militaries are not keeping pace with developing new methods to counter drones – they are not used to competing with consumer technologies that are getting better every few months. To that end, US Special Operations Command (also known as SOCOM) has taken the unusual step of establishing an anti-drone lab.

Why would SOCOM oppose drones?

The organization hopes that more in-depth research in this area will help special forces predict possible future threats that can easily become a serious obstacle to the implementation of various tasks – for example, "flocks" of small drones with explosive charges in each. The laboratory will also try to develop countermeasures for various drones. SOCOM is already working with the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory to create the ability to turn mine detectors into anti-drone "jammers", so it’s possible that the new research center will take this technology further.

In addition, the engineers will deal with issues that are important in the development of special drones – for example, the balance between payload and portability. There is now an empty gap between the tiny AeroVironment Switchblade in the photo above, which is actually a guided projectile, and the large strike UAVs that need regular runways.

Already, SOCOM can’t afford to wait for some big breakthrough in the fight against drones. Recently, ISIS has been using a large number of drones (up to 70 in one day over Mosul alone) and to equalize the strike capabilities, SOCOM urgently ordered 350 additional Switchblades. While the new lab will eventually help fight this problem, we will soon see a large number of impromptu temporary solutions to counter the new threat from

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