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ACI – Automotive Compounding Industry, LDA, was first established on 2011. It belongs to the Perplastic Group and it’s corporate purpose is the production of polymer compounds for the insulation of power and data cables.
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We base our actions on ethics and transparency. We encourage respect for people and mutual trust.

We are focused on development and innovation in order to place on the market products with high added value that solve mobility and connectivity problems, with applications mainly in the automotive sector.


The quality of the compounds produced and raw materials received is controlled in a suitably equipped laboratory and by specialized technical personnel. The implemented quality control allows full traceability from receipt of the raw materials to delivery of the final product to the costumer. ACI has an Integrated Management System, certified with the normative reference NP ISO 9001: 2015 since June 2013.



The guarantee of the protection of the environment, people and assets, as well as the adoption of ethical conduct, will continue to be an indispensable condition in our work.

ACI has implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance with NP EN ISO 14001: 2015 and has been certified by SGS since August 2015. This certification embodies and strengthens the commitments made to integrate environamental aspects into the planning and decisions at all levels.


ACI defined a global policy that integrates the applied references: ISO9001 + ISO14001 + NP4457 , meet the vision and mission of the organization “We want to be market leaders in the area of polymeric compounds for cable insulation applied to the automotive industry, through the creation of innovative products that contribute to environmental sustainability of the planet, which is to constantly meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers, with an environmentally responsible attitude and focusing on innovation.
This way, we have defined in ACI a Quality, Environment and Innovation Policy based on the following principles:
-Stimulate research and innovation in ACI, boosting a culture of creativity and innovation, which contributes to the development of new and differentiating products, in order to promote the increase of value for the organization and for our customers, contributing to maximize their satisfaction.
-To achieve together with the suppliers, the continuous improvement of the productive processes through the technical knowledge of both parts, that contribute to a better performance of ACI, with the use of more ecological raw materials and assuring the quality of the products.
-Promote the growth of skills of our employees through the development of training for an awareness that promotes continuous improvement of the Management System.
-Ensure compliance with the compliance obligations applicable to our activity, products and services, as well as the requirements of the reference standards.
-Take measures to protect the environment, including prevention of pollution and implementation of measures to minimize and control significant environmental aspects applicable to our activities, products and services.
-To generate and sustain the value and knowledge generated as a result of our activities and the relationship with partners and customers, so that we are able to leverage new opportunities for innovation.
-To promote the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the management system performance, in the definition and achievement of the objectives set by the company and the improvement of its environmental performance, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions.

     ACI`s policy of research, development and innovation is to develop new and differentiated products in order to promote increased value for the organization and our customers. In addition, it stands out for gaining visibility and recognition from customers as an innovative industrial company with differentiating skills. Contributing to the sustainability of the market through product innovation, jointly promoting the organizational marketing and process aspects, is defined in the R&D policy.

The new product and process developments are contributing significantly to our market approach, mainly based on high quality products and on price competitiveness, which generates new export opportunities and expands our current customer portfolio day by day. The management is always supporting the growth of R&D projects and ready to provide assistance to the self-development of our team. The partnership with universities and customers are some of the actions taken, thus achieving a greater cross-fertilization of skills at the industrial level and skills at the academic level.

ACI, with the help of it´s R&D team with skilled and experienced scientists, is ready provide you tailor-made products and production process improvements by analyzing your specific needs/requirements.



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